Where are your garage locations ?

The map on the homepage shows all of the possible places that we may have garages to rent. Click here to view.

How long will I have to wait for a garage once my application has been approved ?

This depends on which garage site(s) you’ve applied for. Some of our garage locations are very popular, with long waiting lists. Other sites are less popular, meaning you could be offered a garage soon after your application has been approved.

How do the waiting lists for garages work ?

Where we have a waiting list, our garages are offered according to the length of time applicants have been waiting for a garage.

If I`m offered a garage what happens next ?

You’ll need to sign a licence agreement with us and pay a £150 deposit which can only be returned after 12 months of tenancy.

What can I store in my garage ?

You can use our garages to park your car in or to store items. If you’re storing belongings, we recommend you take out insurance cover and ensure items are stored off the floor and covered with a weatherproof cover. Due to their construction we don’t guarantee our garages are 100 per cent waterproof. Quest Garages cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to belongings.

How much does it cost to rent a garage ?

Our garage charges vary depending on the location of the garage. Charges are shown on the list of garage sites provided but typically they start at £13 per week plus VAT. Garage rents are paid monthly in-advance on the 1st of each month. Direct debit is our preferred method of payment.

Do you increase garage charges each year ?

Yes, we usually increase our garage charges on the 1st September each year, although we may vary this dependent upon circumstances at the time. We will write to you by the end of July to let you know what the new charge is.

How long can I rent a garage for ?

Generally you can keep your garage for as long as you need it, as long as you keep your licence fee payments up to date and keep to the terms of your licence agreement.

How do I report any repairs to my garage ?

If your garage needs repairs, you can report this online by via our website www.quest-garages.uk or by sending an email to enquiries@quest-garages.uk During working hours our receptionists will also take your call on Tel: 0333 202 1004 and out of hours you can leave a message which will be picked up the following day. All garage repairs will be placed on a list of repairs and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

How do I give up my garage ?

You need to give us one month`s notice in writing by written correspondence or by email and we will reply to acknowledge. If we do not acknowledge you must telephone us to ensure the termination notice has been received. All emails should be sent to enquiries@quest-estates.garages.uk

Before you return your garage keys please make sure you clear the garage of all belongings and rubbish. If you leave anything in the garage we’ll charge you the cost of clearing the garage.

You need to return all the keys to the garage by 12.00 midday on the date the notice runs out. You can return the keys to one of our offices – or you can return them by registered post to one of our offices.

How should the garage be left ?

The garage must be left in a clean and tidy state when you hand back your keys. Please make sure you remove all items you were storing and sweep it out. Please remove any shelving you have put up in the garage.

If we have to clear the garage, you will be charged as follows:

Whole garage clearance £655.50 +VAT

Half garage clearance £327.75 +VAT

Quarter garage clearance £163.88 +VAT

Single items (including fridges, freezers, oil, car batteries, washing machines etc.) £57.50 +VAT each.

Up to five small items (e.g. paint pots) £57.50 +VAT.

If we have to repair the garage because it’s been neglected or damaged by you, we’ll recharge you the cost of these works.

What happens if I do not pay my rent or I fall into rental arrears ?

Quest Estates will repossess a garage if your rental is not paid and remains unpaid for an entire month, or in certain circumstances if any rent arrears rise to an unacceptable level.

Unlike houses and flats, we don’t have to apply to the courts for a Possession Order. Our policy is to repossess a garage as soon as we serve a Notice to Quit which will be sent by recorded delivery, even if the money owed is then paid.

However, most arrears cases can be dealt with quickly and easily if you get in contact with us early enough. Ignoring the situation can only make matters worse.

Due to the low level of licence fee compared to the rent on a house or flat, some may regard garage licence fees as low priority. However we have a duty to recover all money owed to fund the services we provide.

How can I pay my garage rent ?

Our preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit by way of a simple, quick online system whereby we issue a direct debit mandate form by email.

Alternate arrangements can be made to pay by standing order or by cheque upon request.

Payments can be over the telephone to pay by way of a valid debit or credit card but we apply a surcharge of £2 per payment to cover the additional time and resource this takes out of our working day.

What should I do if I`m having financial difficulties?

Call us as soon as possible on 0333 202 1004 to discuss your account.